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Create Ever Lasting Memories

Dedicate a personalised digital space for those loved and lost and share their story with generations to come.
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Online Memorial Site, Home

Digital Home

Memorisation allows people to remember their loved ones by collating precious life moments in one personalised digital space.

Online Memorial Site, Home

QR Keepsakes

Providing unique QR keepsakes linked to your forever profile. Easily scan your QR to access the dedicated memorial page.

Online Memorial Site, Home

Support Network

Providing a safe and supportive community throughout your grieving process.



Providing a premium service enabling sharing of lost loved one life stories forever.

Keep the memory of your loved one alive through the stories you create. Honour their memory with stunning media made just for them.

Creative Story Telling

Share your loved ones memorial through personalised QR keepsakes. Keep them close or place in memorable areas.

QR Keepsakes

Document and share treasured memories of your loved one. Allow friends and family far and wide to share theirs too.

Memory Sharing

More Features

How to create an online memorial Page

Purchase QR Memorial

Place an order for your QR tag or keepsake through the Memorisation website.

Register to start creating your profile

A link will be sent to your registered email which you will use to create your own profile on Memorisation. Simply fill out the form to register. 

Start building your everlasting memorial page

Customise a life story for your loved one that is truly reminiscent of the life they lived and shared. Upload media, share memories and add collaborators to help build the perfect memorial.

Share the memorial by sending the QR code

By simply sending the unique QR code to your friends and family via email, Facebook, or other communication platforms, they too can relive the memories of your loved one.

Receive your unique QR Keepsake or tag

The Memorisation team will send your purchased QR products that can easily be synced to your newly created memorial page. Additionally you can now store the keepsake in a memorable place.

About Us

At Memorisation, we believe in the power of sharing memories to keep your loved ones close to you long after they’ve gone away. Our service provides families with a platform to share the life of their friend or family member.

We aim to foster a supportive environment to help those during their grief, and help build the perfect ever-lasting memorial for loved ones no longer with us.

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Online Memorial Site, Home
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