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A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

How Photographs Help Us Heal!

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.” And while many phrases similar to this one tend to be a bit tongue-in-cheek, I genuinely believe that a picture says more than we usually realise.

It is easy to glance at a photograph and then quickly move on with our day without giving another thought to what we saw. However, pictures are all that we have for those of us who have lost loved ones.

Once a family member or friend passes away, we may find old letters written by that person or maybe a voicemail that we saved. But, for the most part, we can see what they have to say anymore. We are no longer able to converse with them. The thousands of words they used to voice each day are not available to us anymore.

However, in this day and age, we’ve got pictures. And as stated above, images can be of great value.

Sharing Photographs

You may wonder if it is necessary to share the photographs you have of your loved one who passed away. After all, they are unique to you and putting them “out there” might be problematic.

You’re right; it will probably be difficult to share photos of your loved one. But it will also be so rewarding.

Not only can you share these pictures, but you can share the story that went along with the images. What was happening that day? Why were pictures being taken? These memories are precious, and sharing them will help you to heal.

Healing Through Openness

When we are experiencing grief, it can be extremely tempting to shut down. The natural tendency to close in on ourselves and not allow anyone in is powerful. Unfortunately, when we feel this way, the best action we can take is the opposite one.

Rather than keeping everything to ourselves, we need to share. Share what you are feeling, share your memories, and share the pictures. This process will feel unfamiliar at first, especially amid grief. But soon, it will become a welcome release.

What’s the Point?

In the beginning, it might feel pointless to share. That’s okay. Keep going, push through. Continue doing the opposite of what you’re feeling, and you’ll realize something remarkable: you’re starting to be able to cope.

The beauty in sharing is that it will not only help you feel better, but it will also help others. When those around you see the photographs you have shared, they will feel empowered to tell their own stories.

Soon there will be a symphony of sharing, each person taking their turn to tell the story behind their photographs and release their grief as they do so. It will be a wonderful experience.

Share Your Photographs

So please, share. And, in doing so, watch yourself and others begin to heal. The process will be difficult, and it will be wonderful.

Your loved one is very proud of you.

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