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About Us


About Us

Memorisation is dedicated to having a portable memorial for the person you lost, one that fits in your pocket and can capture the essence of who they were forever.

Our service comes with beautiful custom tokens that can be gifted to friends and family so they can easily access the memorial pages. Once there, many ways to remember are included, such as a memory board where family members and friends can share their stories and read other people’s memories.

A timeline of their life might show you periods of their life you didn’t know about (I didn’t realise Grandad was a professional hockey player!). In addition, users can pay their respects while accessing funeral and obituary details. As a bonus, instead of the old photo book that only one person can have at a time, you can access centralised photos and videos anytime, anywhere from your phone.

Our Story

After experiencing losses of our own, we found ourselves frustrated with the lack of holistic options for remembering our forever ones. While there are other sites out there, they don’t allow users to really share the life and memories of the people we had lost. They don’t capture the whole picture, and there wasn’t enough space to access all the different parts of that person’s life.

This was driven home after attending a funeral. There wasn’t a medium that allowed you to see all facets of that person’s life; to hold it up like a precious gem and see all the sparkling beauty. There isn’t enough time or space at a funeral or a wake to hear all the unique memories that other people have that can add to your memories or that you could add to theirs.

Memorisation, About Us

Our Vision

Moving forward, we’re passionate about helping others capture the life story of the loved ones they’ve lost. We sincerely hope this will help them on their grief journey.

Part of this is fostering a community that can lean on each other as we all travel through loss together and creating an environment where everyone feels heard and safe.

We’re committed to listening to our customers, continually improving our service, and putting our best effort into helping with their personal grieving experiences. We are honoured to be able to use our skills to help others by providing innovative ways to remember their loved ones.

Memorisation, About Us
Foster Community
Memorisation, About Us
Memorisation, About Us
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