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Frequently Asked Questions


Memorial profiles offer a unique way to keep your loved ones close to your heart. Technology has allowed us a simple and exciting way to access every memory quickly you want to keep forever.

When you create the memorial profile, you give yourself and your family and friends an open space to reminisce and gather as much information about your loved one’s life as possible.

Our memorial profiles contain the life  of your loved one. In one easy-to-navigate place, you can find the story of their life, complete with memories, a timeline, respects, media albums and more. Create a complete picture of the fantastic life you’ll never forget.

We have 2 options for memorisation subscriptions –

Our Basic Profile package includes 1 memorial profile with unlimited storage and a QR keepsake and tag. This is a one off cost of £64.99, with optional £10 per year renewal.

Our Premium Plus Profile Package includes up to 4 memorial profiles on your subscription with unlimited storage, and 4 QR keepsakes 4 tags. This is a one off payment of £124.00 with optional £20 per year renewal.

We are passionate about helping others capture the life story of the loved ones they’ve lost and sincerely hope this will help them on their grief journey.

Part of this is fostering a community that can lean on each other as we all travel through loss together and creating an environment where everyone feels heard and safe.

Our regular blogs and newsletters will offer support in many aspects of grief, and we hope to uplift and bring light to difficult times.

We have ensured that memorisation is a place for family and friends to come together and built the perfect memorial for their loved one.

Our collaboration feature allows admins to add up to 3 other users that can contribute to the profile, and work alongside each other.

QR Keepsakes

Yes! You will recieve personalised QR Keepsakes as part of the subscription plan.

If you’d like to surprise someone with their very own Keepsake, then there is also an option to purchase additional keepsakes or tags which will be sent in our beautiful memorisation packaging.

You can order as many keepsakes or qr tags as you’d like!

Our keepsakes and tags are designed to be both beautiful and robust! You may wish to carry your keepsake close to you, in a wallet or purse, or you may want to fix it to a special area such as garden bench, headstone or somewhere around your home.

Our keepsakes come with optional adhesive backgrounds so you can place your unqiue qr code anywhere and allow the world to hear the life story of your loved one.

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We work hard to make sure your QR Keepsake arrives in perfect condition. However if the product is damanged upon delivery, please contact our team via the live chat and we will arrange to replace it!


Setting up your forever memorial is easy.

Simply choose your subscription package and qr keepsake (basic or plus) and make the purchase through our online shop.

We will send you an email with a link to register for a profile. Once you have registered, you are free to start sharing the life story of your loved one and  building their forever memorial!

Our friendly team is on hand to walk you through the process should you need some help!

We also offer a premium support service where we will gather information from you and create the profile on your behalf!

All memorisation profiles have unique privacy settings, meaning you have complete control over what you want to share with the public and what you want to keep private. You can further specify what access collaborators have to your profile page.

Our profiles come with unlimited storage, so you never need to worry about running out of space for precious memories.

Your Memorisation page is the ideal way to allow donations. Easily configure donations straight from the profile page to charities of choice in memory of your loved one.

Yes, when you first create a profile, you will be given the option to change the memorial link to your own preference.