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Create a timeline to make storytelling more convenient

Photos, videos, and life events can be organized to make a seamless series of events that tell the story of your loved one’s life.

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Storytelling, Features

Unique and Personalised QR keepsakes and tags.

Unique and Personalised QR keepsakes and tags, connected to your loved one’s profile, allowing you to easily relive their life story and share with generations to come

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Storytelling, Features

Coming Soon! Turn your memorial into an EBook

Once you have created your loved ones memorial and built their perfect tribute, turn their story into an ebook. All your precious images, memories and stories turned into a downloadable ebook for everyone to keep.

Storytelling, Features

More Features

Memory Board

The life story you create for your departed loved one can be more heart-warming and sentimental using  memory boards. Sharing stories about the way your loved one lived will not only be a catharsis for you and others, but it will also keep their memory alive.

Media Library

Not only can you share pictures and videos, but you can share the story that went along with the them. These memories are precious, and sharing them will help you to heal. Collate all your media in a centralised location with unlimited storage to save all your memorable events in one location.



Warm Condolances

Friends and families all over the world can send warm wishes and messages of support. Those who are unable to attend the funeral, can leave comments on the site to pay their respects instead. The online respects section is perfect for those wishing to offer condolances to family members.


Journal Entries

Treat the memorial site as your diary by updating it with daily blogs. You can choose to keep them private or public.

Create a blog to share details about the funeral with your friends and families to keep them updated with the schedules of activities.



Easily subscribe to any changes made to the page, never miss a new memory shared or respect paid, with weekly or daily updates on new data uploaded.


Your Memorisation page is the ideal way to allow donations. Easily configure donations straight from the profile page to charities of choice in memory of your loved one.

Privacy Settings

You have complete control over what you want to share with the public and what you want to keep private. You can further specify what access collaborators have to your profile page.


Technical Support

Full live chat support and customer service available to assist you as you create your special online memorial and help to make sure you build the perfect tribute to your loved one.