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Build a forever memorial

What is a Memorial?

Memorial profiles offer a unique way to keep your loved ones close to your heart.

Technology has allowed us a simple and exciting way to access every memory quickly you want to keep forever.

Memorisation offers beautiful and classic keepsakes. These personalized plaques carry a message about your loved one and a QR code. This QR code, once scanned, brings you to a personalized memorial profile.

You can carry the keepsakes with you or attach to memorable places such as benches, headstones or garden areas.

Memorial profiles contain the life of your loved one. In one easy-to-navigate place, you can find the story of their life, complete with memories, a timeline, respect, and more.

Create a complete picture of the fantastic life you’ll never forget by filling the sections in.

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Create a Lasting Memory

You will never forget this person and their impact on your life. They left an indelible mark on you, and you’ll always hold them close to your heart. So it’s only natural to desire to share that with others, both those who knew this person and those who weren’t lucky enough to meet them before moving on.

A memorial profile is a cloud-based place to store memories and life. Unlike a scrapbook, photo album, or memory box, a memorial profile won’t get lost to time, forgetfulness, or natural disasters. This is essential as it provides you with a place always to access your memories.

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How Do Memorials Help You Grieve

Memorialization is a crucial part of the grieving process. When you create the memorial profile, you give yourself and your family and friends an open space to reminisce and gather as much information about your loved one’s life as possible.

Brainstorming the timeline of their life, collecting pictures and video, sharing memories and creating the obituary afford you a complete way to remember the person you loved and lost. This carries you and your family and friends through missing this person.

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While losing a loved one is an inherently negative experience, you can help healing by bringing the positive to the forefront of your mind. Having a safe place to revisit the events and memories that helped you love this person with others going through the same pain and loss brings you closer as a community while focusing on the light they brought to your life.

Share your memories, laugh at other people’s funny stories, and scroll through the images and videos that made this person so special.

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Truly exceptional people bring a community together around them. Memorial profiles allow that community to interact and bond with each other, even after that linchpin is gone. This sense of community can be highly healing after a loss, leading to growth and love.

Hearing others’ stories and narrating stories about our own loved ones who are no longer with us can be highly cathartic. It might feel difficult at first to relive the memories of good times and bad. However, as you spend more time doing this, you’ll realize just how much you need to voice your experiences.

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Losing someone is never easy. There will be days when you crave comfort above all else, and memorial profiles offer that in two distinct ways. First, you have access to all these other people feeling the same as you, silently supporting you with their intimate knowledge and understanding of your pain.

You also have the person you lost at your fingertips. It will never be as good as seeing them and hearing their voice again, but the memories and love they left on this earth will let you reach out and touch that intangible quality they brought you.

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