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Stories to Remember Me By

How Sharing Stories of Loved Ones Helps Keep their Memory Alive!

Experiencing the loss of a dear friend or beloved family member is possibly the most challenging occurrence we go through in life. So many thoughts and feelings whirled around in my mind like a tornado after I felt this loss personally for the first time.

But there was an “eye of the storm,” so to speak, the calm in the midst of all of the messy emotions. For me, it was sharing my favourite stories about my friend.

Stories are Important

Everyone loves hearing stories. This has been proven historically, as we see the passing down of ancestral lore and mythical retellings from family to family. In the same way, we pass around stories nowadays. From snippets of the news on our phones to Facebook stories, we constantly produce and consume stories in varying forms.

Not only do these tales of current events keep us informed, but they also keep us going. We are motivated by every story we ingest, from the biggest national ongoings to the smallest individual experiences. Spurred on by hearing what my son did today or what is happening in London, I can continue to live my life in an educated and empathetic manner.

Simply put, stories keep us going.

But we need more than simple facts. More than the logic and order of events, we need feelings. As humans, we crave feeling our own (and others’) deepest emotions. So we also must tell the stories of our long-gone loved ones with enthusiasm.

Why Tell Our Stories?

Hearing and narrating stories about our loved ones who are no longer with us can be highly cathartic. It might feel difficult at first to relive the memories of good times and bad. However, as you spend more time doing this, you’ll realize just how much you need to voice your experiences. It will start to feel essential and peaceful, and sometimes good.

We can find joy within the healing process.

Keeping Their Memory Alive

While telling stories of our loved ones is suitable for those of us who loved them, it is also essential for others who might not have even known our friend or family member who passed away. When we see others telling their stories, we are empowered to tell our own. We can also see what a beautiful life those around us lived, even if we never interacted with them personally.

When I was touched by the impact of death for the first time, seeing other people talk about their friends who had passed helped me immensely. I related to their stories and feelings.

I realised that I, too, could share stories about my friend. And, possibly most importantly, I saw that healing was possible. And this recognition has stuck with me for years beyond that moment.

Keep their memory alive.

Share Their Story

Sharing stories about the way your loved one lived will not only be a catharsis for you and others, but it will also keep their memory alive. Start today. You’ll be thankful you did.

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