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The Power of Community

Learning to Release Grief Through Sharing!

Ever since we were very young, we have been taught how to make friends. This instilled an important belief within us: being alone is not desirable. So what do you do once you lose a loved one?

After experiencing the death of someone close to you, you’re probably feeling more lonely than you have in a long time. I know I was. And what helped me? Community.

What is Community?

To harness the full power of community, we have first to establish what community is. Any group of people who help you feel safe and loved are your community. That means that community is different for each of us. For some, their community is mainly made up of family members. For others, community equates to their colleagues and peers.

Whoever your community is made up of will be your lifeline while you are grieving losing a loved one.

The Power of Community

Everyone processes grief slightly differently. Depending on how far you are into the timeline of processing your grief, you may be feeling the urge to isolate yourself. Yet, this is possibly the most crucial time to rejoin your community.

Take action to reach out. Whether you ask directly for help or simply send a starting text, you will be glad you’re no longer walking this path alone.

Now that you are surrounded by people who support you, what exactly do you do? You share.

Utilising Your Community

Share your thoughts and emotions. But also, share about your loved one. Pictures and stories are two of the best ways for you to remember a loved one who has passed away. So bring them to your community and express how you feel about these memories.

In response, your community will not only help you process your reaction to sharing these moments, but they will also begin to share their own stories and photographs surrounding the person who has passed. Soon there will be laughter and tears as your community processes together and, in turn, begins to heal.

Releasing Your Grief

It’s not a secret that it is difficult to release your grief. Releasing grief can feel like a monumental task, whether you’re angry or depressed (or simply numb).

I try not to view this release as an assignment. You don’t need to sit down at your desk and say, “Today is the day I am releasing all of my grief!”

Instead, give yourself some grace. Be patient. No one releases all of their grief at once, and certainly, no one can force themselves to release anything they are not ready to let go of. But, as you go through your daily life and try to find your way back to “normal,” you will find peace.

Time and sharing will slowly allow you to process your grief. And soon enough, you’ll realise that you are growing around it. You can learn to cope. You will get through this. Remember your community. And thank them.

They’re thankful for you, too.



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